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Meet Your Advisor | Glenn Neasham
                                         President, CEO

An insurance agent, business executive, and an entrepreneur — Glenn Neasham certainly is a rather busy guy. However, he thrives on devoting every minute that he can to work, and his family of course. He does have a great family four wonderful children, Logan, Emily, and Katelynn, Travis — and he does greatly enjoy spending as much time with them as he can. Even during his time away from work, though, his mind isn't far from business. Neasham is always thinking, trying to come up with newer and better ways for his company to grow and succeed.



Get to Know Us

Companies in the past yes, — not just one company. Neasham never had been a man to work on just one business prospect at a time. However today he's focused on Neasham Insurance Agency. He enjoyed having more than one iron in the fire in the past. Now, his main business — his real bread and butter, as some would say — is Glenn Neasham Insurance Agency. He has owned and operated this company for almost 30 years. In a way, it is like a child he raised, or a seed he planted and took care of over the years. Neasham is quite proud of his success with the Glenn Neasham Insurance Agency.

Neasham has assisted hundreds of clients in planning their retirements. Understanding the ins and outs of IRA's and 401K plans and annuities and estate planning is not all that easy for most people — Glenn Neasham has helped a great many people not only understand all of that (and more), but put it to use in planning their financial futures. And what client doesn't want to save money on taxes? Neasham has exceptional experience in tax deferred investments as well as in other methods through which people can avoid paying larger sums of tax money. Glenn is also a veteran of The US Navy. He served from 78-81 active duty. He served aboard the USS Emory S. Land AS-39 as well as the USS Enterprise CVN 65. From 82-84 served in the US Navy active and inactive reserves. However, as proud as Neasham is of the Glenn Neasham Insurance Agency. As stated above, he liked to keep busy with more than one interest at a time. For many years, that entailed owning and operating two area newspapers, the Citrus Heights City Times and the Goldriver News. While he owned the both papers, he was also the publisher. He also became a member of the Chamber of Commerce during this time. Neasham took great pleasure in the newspaper business, and continued with that endeavor until 2005.


Glenn Neasham will always continue to work on Neasham Insurance Agency where he will focus on that, and what's always is in his clients best needs. —and because of his business savvy, he will continue to be successful at helping you.

Glenn is also an inventor, and has a patent on a bathroom sanitary devise. He's an inventor of the "Guardian" toilet seat cleaning device with wipe. He's a partner in

Pursuit Of His Dreams

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